Since our founding, BMI has been committed to the idea that struggling toward Black liberation mandates that we work across disciplinary and institutional boundaries and alongside the communities that have helped to sustain us. While we see the university as a critical site of intervention in this endeavor, also central to our belief is the idea that education occurs as much outside of academic institutions as it does within them, and that art and community-based organizational work are just as critical to transforming the larger social world. To this end, this panel attends to the idea of “Black study,” what we conceptualize as an ongoing process of deep coalitional thinking and struggle rather than a formalized academic field, that is meant to privilege ways of knowing that are informed by people whose artistic practices and training beyond the university expand our capacity for freedom dreaming.

Confirmed Panelists

Tyanna Buie

A.D. Carson

Keona K. Ervin

Johari Jabir

David Stovall


Ezekiel Joubert III